Friday, January 16, 2015


dalam hidup akan selalu dan sentiasa ada orang yang akan benci-bercakap buruk-khianat dan segala macam negative act lagi kepada kita.

But that's not mean and not even a reason for me to stop walking and reach the flying color line..

Well hey, start now I am the hero of myself.. Beat me, hurt me... U think u can?..

Naaaaa... Let's laugh..


Dear hati - Dear jiwa

Saya janji awak tak akan sakit lagi
Saya janji awak tak akan debak lagi
Saya janji awak tak akan kecewa lagi
Saya janji awak tak akan rasa yang sama lagi
Saya janji yang akan ada cuma penuh dengan rasa sayang dan gembira
Saya janji awak akan terus senyum dan ketawa

Dear hati - Dear jiwa

My bad, my mistake..
Buka awak dan biarkan orang lain jaga..
I'll promise itu yang terakhir kali
After this I'll never ever trust any single words anymore..
I'll never ever pick any promise from anyone anymore..

Dear hati - Dear jiwa
There's no more...
I'll close you back and lock it.
I throw the key and hope have no one can find it...
Until the day that never get to know..
For now on-I'll promise to keep u safe..
I'll promise will never get back and face for the same thing again.

Who said without men kita kalah
Who said without men kita jatuh

Let's show it..

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